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Fairfield Cemetery
Located in Fairfield
Township Burford Township
Active Yes
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Fairfield Cemetery is a large, active cemetery in the village of Fairfield Plain in the former Burford Township. It is located next to the Fairfield United Church near the intersection of Maple Ave South and Fairfield Rd.

Grave listing

 Last nameIn rangeGrave number
Rebecca KentKent11
Douglas G. KentKent12
Maria C. KentKent13
Almira KentKent14
Herbert SmithSmith15
Hervey M. SmithSmith16
Elizabeth Taylor SmithSmith17
Margaret Eliza SmithSmith18
Margaret SmithSmith19
Russel SmithSmith19
Charles Douglas SmithSmith110
Mary L. Chatterson SmithSmith110
Edgerton SmithSmith111
Rev. Elias WilliamsWilliams112
Madilla WilliamsWilliams112
Lany Westbrook MetcalfMetcalf113
Erle G. E. MetcalfMetcalf113
Bethia Metcalf LincolnLincoln113
F. A. Metcalf Jr.Metcalf113
William H. MetcalfMetcalf113
A. J. Merrill MetcalfMetcalf113
Franklin A. MetcalfMetcalf113
Mary Jane Merritt MetcalfMetcalf113
A. D. MetcalfMetcalf113
William H. LewisLewis114
Elizabeth R. LewisLewis114
Marie J. FroelichFroelich114
Edith Josephine LewisLewis114
Fairfield 2-1Illegible21
Levi DutcherDutcher22
Edwin Wesley DutcherDutcher22
Margaret A. DutcherDutcher22
Jane DutcherDutcher22
Jerusha DutcherDutcher23
Reubin DutcherDutcher23
Ephraim DutcherDutcher24
Eleanor DutcherDutcher25
Joseph DutcherDutcher26
Diadamy DutcherDutcher27
H. Lafayette SmithSmith28
Isabella SmithSmith28
Fairfield 2-9Illegible29
Fairfield 2-10Smith210
Eliza Lambman KellyKelly211
A. L. KellyKelly211
M. J. Patten KellyKelly211
Uzal KellyKelly211
Lillian KellyKelly212
Sarah FreemanFreeman31
Jonathan FreemanFreeman32
Catharine FreemanFreeman33
Fairfield 3-4Illegible34
Caroline McIntosh FreemanFreeman35
Eliza Ann HanmerHanmer36
Martha A. HanmerHanmer37
Francis HanmerHanmer38
Emery N. KellyKelly39
Oledia Howell KellyKelly39
Marcia J. MitchellMitchell310
Sarah KellyKelly310
Abraham KellyKelly310
Ida May ClarkClark311
Roy WingroveWingrove312
Nelson C. WingroveWingrove312
Margaret J. Clark WingroveWingrove312
John WingroveWingrove313
Elizabeth Johnson WingroveWingrove313
Emma J. WingroveWingrove313
Bessie M. WingroveWingrove314
Fairfield 4-1Illegible41
Charles M. BuckberroughBuckberrough42
Lucinda BuckberroughBuckberrough43
Daniel BuckberroughBuckberrough43
Charles CokerCoker44
Hannah CokerCoker45
William SulmanSulman46
William W. SilverthornSilverthorn47
Ruth A. Wingrove SilverthornSilverthorn47
Olla E. Smith MottMott48
Mary Ronald WingroveWingrove49
Elip WingroveWingrove49
Ruby M. Craig WingroveWingrove410
John B. WingroveWingrove410
Andrea B. J. WingroveWingrove411
Joan Iris Flawn WingroveWingrove411
Ronald Craig WingroveWingrove412
Patti E. Connell WingroveWingrove412
Ada E. Smith CollettCollett51
Henry T. CollettCollett51
Laura M. Rathbun CowdyCowdy52
Clarence L. CowdyCowdy52
Laura McHugh HardieHardie53
Albert HardieHardie53
Muriel L. MillsMills54
George M. MillsMills54
Diana C. ParsonsParsons55
Hazel L. HardieHardie56
Chester Andrew ArchibaldArchibald56
Maudie Gowdy HardieHardie56
Ernest C. HardieHardie56
Jacqueline Hardie ArchibaldArchibald56
Mother HardieHardie56
Irene Durham HardieHardie56
James HardieHardie56
John T. HardieHardie56
Terrance Baxter WilsonWilson57
R. Bruce WaughWaugh58
Ella M. E. Jones WaughWaugh58
William WaughWaugh58
Mary A. Smith WaughWaugh58
Louisa Worth ChambersChambers59
Freeman ChambersChambers59
Margrett Cornwell ChambersChambers59
Anson ChambersChambers59
Fairfield 6-1Illegible61
Fairfield 6-2Illegible62
Fairfield 6-3Illegible63
Lucinda E. E. CarterCarter64
Mary A. Carter MilesMiles65
Jessie Spiller RetterRetter66
A. Sidney PotterPotter67
Florence Retter PotterPotter67
Ruby A. Heller HodgeHodge68
Sidney G. HodgeHodge68
Evelyn L. SmithSmith69
Charles C. SmithSmith69
Reginald J. A. SmithSmith610
Bertha McKerlie SmithSmith610
Murray Colborne SmithSmith611
Charles HobsonHobson612
Sarah HobsonHobson612
Benjamin HobsonHobson612
Thomas P. HobsonHobson613
Clara J. Bedford HobsonHobson613
Martha Elizabeth HobsonHobson613
Elizabeth A. Dutcher ElliottElliott71
Lucy Ann ElliottElliott71
Reuben ElliottElliott71
Alonzo ElliottElliott71
Orlin ElliottElliott71
Hettie E. ElliottElliott71
Nelson ElliottElliott72
Ethelda L. Howell ElliottElliott72
Ellwood L. ElliottElliott72
C. Mabel Elliott AspdenAspden73
Herbert Leroy AspdenAspden74
Florence V. Croall AspdenAspden75
Walter B. AspdenAspden75
James A. SnodgrassSnodgrass76
Hazel L. SnodgrassSnodgrass76
Esther CornwallCornwall77
William F. GowdyGowdy78
Eva Cornwell GowdyGowdy78
William A. HoggardHoggard79
Emily S. Elliott HoggardHoggard710
Florence E. RameyRamey711
Margaret Caproli SmithSmith712
Cecil E.C. SmithSmith712
Henry C. SmithSmith712
Fairfield 8-1Illegible81
Cornelia SmithSmith82
Wilfred SmithSmith82
Ethel SmithSmith82
Joseph H. SmithSmith82
Agnes Arrowsmith DaviesDavies83
Francis Henry DaviesDavies83
Francis PepperPepper84
Susie PepperPepper84
Rebecca A. Rand CourtnageCourtnage85
Reva E. CourtnageCourtnage85
Freeman H. CourtnageCourtnage85
W. Lionel SmithSmith86
Augusta Metcalf SmithSmith86
Albert L. SmithSmith86
Mary E. Weaver SmithSmith86
George HarrisHarris87
Emma HarrisHarris87
Thomas T. PhippsPhipps88
Susan M. PhippsPhipps88
Alice J. MacDonald ChambersChambers89
Orval S. ChambersChambers89
Mac Edwin ChambersChambers810
Shirley Irene Jamieson ChambersChambers810
Margaret GowdyGowdy91
Francis GowdyGowdy91
Ann Boyd GowdyGowdy91
Elizabeth Webber KiffKiff92
William KiffKiff92
Inez L. Aspden PepperPepper93
Donald PepperPepper93
Muriel E. PepperPepper93
Evelyn Franklin PepperPepper93
Lena M. Gowdy PepperPepper93
Albert L. PepperPepper93
Merrill L. PepperPepper93
Thomas WilliamsWilliams94
Maria Dredge WilliamsWilliams94
Milton PostillPostill95
Lloyd Chester PostillPostill95
Louise Pearson PostillPearson95
Welby Milton PostillPostill95
Frank Vernon PostillPostill95
Emmanuel PearsonPearson95
Ernest M. WilliamsWilliams96
Jacob Colburn WilliamsWilliams96
Ida T. Graves WilliamsWilliams96
Leamon PursleyPursley97
Mahala Jackson PursleyPursley97
Mary E. Moore WilliamsWilliams98
K. Herman WilliamsWilliams98
Fairfield 10-1Illegible101
Kittie GageGage102
Fairfield 10-3Illegible103
Phebe GageGage104
Charles GageGage104
Nathaniel A. LemonLemon105
Aphalda A. Robinson LemonLemon105
Merritt S. RodgersRodgers105
Pearl L. Lemon RodgersRodgers105
William L. HansonHanson106
Rosella Myrtle Hinsley HansonHanson106
George StongStong107
Elizabeth A. Hinsley StongStong107
William Anson HinsleyHinsley108
Alice B. Wingrove HinsleyHinsley108
Charles L. HinsleyHinsley109
Alice M. Hanson HinsleyHinsley109
Robert HinsleyHinsley1010
Sarah Emily HinsleyHinsley1010
Minerva Hinsley ClementClement1011
Mrs. LewisLewis1012
Bobbie GilletteGillette1013
George GilletteGillette1013
Laurel B. GilletteGillette1014
Percy Roy GilletteGillette1014
Sarah Kelly (1870)Kelly111

Memories about Fairfield Cemetery

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