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Kelvin Cemetery
Located in Kelvin
Township Burford Township
Active No
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Kelvin is the oldest of the cemeteries located in the village of Kelvin in the former Burford Township. Only ten gravestones still remain standing today. It is located at 9 Middle Townline Road, it is on the west side of the road just on the outskirts of Kelvin.

Grave listing

 Last nameIn rangeGrave number
James O. CarterCarter11
William H. CarterCarter11
James HoggardHoggard12
Betsy M. HoggardHoggard13
Jane HoggardHoggard14
John W. CarterCarter15
Joshua CopelandCopeland16
Kelvin 1-7Illegible17
Kelvin 1-8Illegible18
Kelvin 1-9Illegible19
Louisa LeachLeach110
Thomas LeachLeach110

Memories about Kelvin Cemetery

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