Mitchell House
Address 16 Broadway St. W.
Located in Paris
Built in 1840
Renovated in 1885
Original function House
Coordinates 43° 11' 35", -80° 23' 9"
Mitchell House 1

View from the side

Mitchell House 2

View from the sidewalk

Charles Mitchell House is one of the most noteworthy cobblestone houses in Paris and is considered builder Levi Boughton's best work[1]. Built in the 1840s, it merged the distinctive cobblestone style with Greek Revival architecture[2]. Its evenly-rounded cobblestones are said to have been collected by Mitchell himself, and are arrayed in an attractive, slightly slanted pattern[3]; the cobblestones' regular, stippled design mediates the otherwise grand look of the Doric columns, cornices, and porch[4].

A later side addition from 1885, built as a doctor's office[5], retains the original style and blends in well with the original building[6]. It marks one of the last constructions in the cobblestone style[7].

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