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White Cemetery
Located in Harley
Township Burford Township
Active No
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White Cemetery is a small, very old cemetery in the village of Harley, former Burford Township. It is located on Kloepfer Rd., to the left near the intersection of Kloepfer and Harley Rds.

Grave listing

 Last nameIn rangeGrave number
Thomas H. FoxFox11
Arthur Gratia AveyAvey12
James A. MongerMonger13
Eunice V. ZimmermanZimmerman14
Alfred Lewis HenryHenry15
Leilia May OlesOles16
Benjamin E. MongerMonger17
Mary R. E. ZimmermanZimmerman18
Elizabeth AllenAllen19
Grace Rush WittsWitts110
Mary ForceForce111
Mary Elizabeth AllenAllen112
Charles MorganMorgan113
Effa Jane OlesOles114
Angeline AllenAllen115
White 1-16Illegible116
Derutha CasnerCasner117
Catharine Hunt WittsWitts118
Edward DaytonDayton119
Elizabeth YatesYates120
Agness S. HuntsmanHuntsman121
Amherst ForceForce122
William H. ForceForce123
Peter ForceForce124
Louisa SecordSecord125
Margaret T. MooreMoore126
White 1-27Illegible127
Harriet M. AllenAllen128
George O. AllenAllen128
Ira OlesOles129
Emmeline AllenAllen130
White 1-30Illegible131
White 1-32Illegible132
White 1-33Illegible133

Memories about White Cemetery

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